Okay, all seems to be working again. Aesthetically it’s not quite what I want, but functionality is restored.

Comments appear in a whole new page, not a window.
If you want your name to appear after the comments, then put your website address when commenting.
Email addresses are munged when stored, so you can leave real ones if you want.
Some minor changes to the menu, but nothing that matters hugely.

It’s 5am, and I’ve been up 2 hours. Fun.

After all this hassle with some bits here, and not having used my testblog for it’s purpose, I’m wondering whether I should keep it…

Link to MartinDB changed – the good chap is using WordPress now 🙂

Some alterations to phpGiggle too, so that regular posts remain fully xhtml valid.

Bristol. 9 days….

3 thoughts on “Fixed..

  1. really don’t like the comments in a full page 🙁

    i enjoy clicking a comment, opening it in a full page, letting it load whilst reading other posts. now on my slow connection it takes much longer to get the full Mark fix for the day.

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