I’ve now got Ti BCR’s in my side labrets. Blue. Both are 2mm-ish. One is ever-so-slightly larger in thickness than the other, but, unless you are the labret hole through which it has been pushed, you’d not notice. The left one feels like I’ve been punched in the mouth – swollen and smarting, but otherwise all is cool.

HTML taught. Tables today 🙂

I’ve screwed the code here somehow, and at this moment, I don’t know how to fix it. You can’t see individual archives, and you can’t comment. No idea what I’ve done wrong, but hopefully help will be at hand tonight at some point. I’ve also decided to ditch the popup window for comments, and go with the full page approach. I’ll have to see what it looks like though, so I may yet change my mind (that’s my feminine side coming to the fore there!).

No blog migration for D as yet … I need to alter some other stuff over there first, then I’ll zip through whatever import process is necessary.

And ‘Advertising’ ? Later.. I may write it later.