Most blogs, and very probably yours too, are superficial. They are trivial, almost petty, they deal with the fluff of life, what is contained within them does not really matter.
The exceptions to this would be the subject orientated blogs – those that deal with technology, or politicis, or law or other more concrete subjects, but yours and mine ? Trivia.

They are trivial because when it comes down to it, you are not only censoring your content, but also, in order to be of use, real use, to someone else, most of us do not possess the literary skills necessary to convey precisely how we feel about is in our lives. But there is another element also … you now only do not want to write about your feelings and the like, or possess the skills to do this so that what you feel is expressed eloquently, but, and this is the biggie in many ways, you won’t publish how you feel because you don’t really want others to know, for others to have that information, for the all-seeing Google to forever archive how you are at this moment.
Does this not, in some small way, make blogs like a gathering of people who are all standing their with fixed smiles, trying desperately to look interesting, trying vainly to be interesting, yet behind all that is vacuousness ? It’s vacuous simply because what is presented is so censored, almost crafted for public display. It’s not real.

All 3 of the above reasons apply to me. I don’t want certain people to know more about me, I don’t want Google to cache this page if it contains personal information, and I do not know how – and you have no idea how much I wish this was not the case – to write what it is really like to have to live with the mind that I have. Sure, I have somewhere else I write, and I’ve probably tried to do it there, but I very much doubt I have succeeded. If I do write, like that post just below, it probably comes across as “wtf ??”. Hardly helpful to you or me.

There are people who will read this who I know have had bad times, yet it does not appear on their blog. Why ? For all the above I guess.

I wonder what assumptions we make about others through their blogs ? I wrote about someting similar in my ‘writings’ section a while ago. If today, instead of this I had posted a bunch of daft links, and mentioned that I had finally killed the wraith in Pool of Radiance, my guess is the assumption would be that “Mark is okay now .. he’s over it”. Guess that could be right, it could be wrong – I’ve no idea yet, not a clue.

I know as well that someone will read this and say “Bollocks”. Yes, I know that to some of you your blogs are really important, and I’ll respect your views on that, but to be honest, I couldn’t agree. And it’s for the above reasons I can’t agree – they do not represent the real you. To you maybe they do – individual entries can remind you of times and emotions, but because you didn’t write about those details, because you did not describe the feelings you had, then what you wrote if essentially for you, and only you. If I, or others, cannot wholly share, then how can a blog be of use, or even interest, to others unless it is to do with more objective content ?

Put it this way ….. if your blog was published as a book, would it not only be good to read, would it also make any sense ?

This blog is trivial. I’ll happily admit it, and I don’t recall ever saying any different.

Okay, you can shoot now – and if you decide to rant about this view, at least have the decency to link it.

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  1. But what about blogs that are posted with anonymity? Do you think they are still censored by the writer in the same way? Does that not change the dynamic? Just idle thoughts and general ramblings… *shrug*

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