More Hypocrisy

“Managers at the city’s Arboretum want to put back a statue of a Florentine wild pig, which was originally in the park in the 1940s. But minority groups have criticised the idea, saying it offends their religion. ”
BBC Derby
WTF ?? It offends my sensibilities that any group, regardless of who they are, can dictate what can and cannot be put anywhere, especially when it deals with an issue such as heritage.
Tell you what, when those same religions want to have a little festival to celebrate their victory in some sort of battle many hundreds of years ago, maybe someone should object because it was their religion / forefathers who were fought, and it offends them for that reason. But oh no, that can’t happen can it ? Hell, that would be RACIST. I absolutely detest political correctness, and those that seek to exploit it in what they call fairness, yet is actually as far from fair as you can get.

It offends me that animals are killed while fully conscious in some religions. It offends me greatly, yet those same groups say crap like “We’ve always done it this way” and “Allah says it has to be so” and “Don’t try to denigrate our ways”. Those same groups refuse to bend to the law on this, and hide behind their religions….wtf does the council not say “Oi! You lot, that statue was here nearly 70 years ago, you lot weren’t, so STFU!” … they don’t because it’s not politically correct, and because if they did use what I see as plain common sense and a respect for history and culture, others would see as racist and a chance to get rich by suing.

Hypocritical twats.

The ones accusing in something like this are way more racist then the accused are they not ?

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