Random ramblings

Still nowhere to move to yet. Nothing in writing, nothing solid. Good eh ?

I’ve had my hair cut.

phpGiggle is now available for MT. It’s good! Get it.

Having removed the forum, and now having removed what went in it’s place, I’ve a mySQL db sitting empty. I want something interesting to use it for. Ideas ?

I need to upgrade my testblog to the latest nightly and then get the CSS sorted for it.Altough the CSS there is okay (colours apart) custom ‘categories’ seem not to work as well, so that needs looking at. And probably swearing at too.

No-one has answered my sig question on the ng.

Yahoo – wtf do they lock Trillian users out ? Do they honestly think I’m going to use their client and only their client, or do they think that people will happliy sit with several clients open at the same time to chat ? Get a fucking grip … as for me, Yahoo has been stripped out of my Trillian install now. And it ain’t going back. Twats.

Did anyone catch Les Triplettes de Belleville on TV ? The DVD is out apparently, but I know not where. Very good it was.


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