So last night I decided more colours here would be good … I go through these phases don’t I ? – and I wrote the CSS. Not too tricky, but in Firefox, I had a 1 pixel problem at the top of the menu column. Only 1 pixel, hardly noticeable, easily hidden with a colour change, but it bugged me.
Okay I thought, let’s use IE and look at it. That 1 pixel problem disappeared, but instead, I had a completely different 5 pixel problem. Hmmmm … so I opened up Opera. And then, in that browser, I had the orginal problem – but now magnified a few times, and the IE 5 pixel problem was now around 8 pixels. Hmmmm Hmmmm.
Now my design skills in terms of creativity are zero. I know this. I can visualise what I would like, but I am completely unable to translate that to the screen. I was not in the ‘artistic talents’ queue so to speak. But, I would at least like my page to look as crap as it is meant to be when people see it, and not worse. Browsers hitting this page include Netscape, Firebird, Firefox, IE, Konqueror, Safari, Opera and Mozilla. So that’s quite a few to cater for. I know it’s down to how the browsers interpret and handle CSS, and I also know I’m not clever enough to be able to work around each problem. (What it does do though is impress me a huge amount when I come across a CSS page that does work in each browser..).
So .. what to do……. I like quotes, and especially that one from Claire, so that limits me when I want to use the Style Switcher hack (try the ‘Charleen’ style below to see what I mean), but equally, so few styles – whether they be WP designed or not – appeal to me ‘off the shelf’.

What I want is for this site to, in some way, reflect my mood. 3 styles would do it I think, and colour would be the theme .. similar style, different colours. I know you can choose – if the Style Switcher is in place – how to see the page, and I want the same. I don’t want grey here now, but I’ll want it back.
It’s quite annoying being able to crack at the CSS and get somewhere, yet not really be able to design it.
Anyway, the Switcher will stay for now, so if you arrive and it looks CSS-less, scroll down to click something in the Style menu. It might make it better 🙂

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