So, some more work there that will direct based on screen res. Just going to do it for 800*600 and 1024*768 though. Smaller screens are very definitely in the minority, and for those you with a larger res, the 1024 layout should work fine …ho hum.

Why is no-one in #irc ? You lot got lives or something ? 😉

I’ve read Dino’s post today, and while I want to reply, it’ll be a huge comment so when my head has got what I want to say, I’ll post it here. I also read somewhere – and I’ve no idea where – about someone’s ‘reasons for blogging’ and it was really good. I thought I’d have a crack at it too. I know this particular flavour of blog has only been going for 2 months, but it must be close to 3 years since I started writing. So I will do the same …I wonder what I’ll say.

This site will, at some point, be not here at the weekend. But then it will return. I know you aren’t worried, and neither am I to be honest, but I just thought I should mention it.

I can’t find slh’s blog either … and my hair is a mess. (These 2 facts are unrelated).

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