UPB stuff

So, I’ve just formatted and checked the interviews I have had back.
2 returned with a ‘leave as is’.
3 new ones.
That leaves 10 (of which 3 are new) outstanding right now. Of these, one I know when I will get back, the others ? Who knows …….

I’m not quite sure what to do ….
– Do I put all 5 up at once ?
– Do I put up say 2 a week ? Or 1 a week ?
Bearing in mind that the rate of publishing them to the site is governed by two things of which I have no control – when I get them back, and when I send them.
Now I’ll send them on the day I get suggestions. But, and it’s a fairly important BUT, I’m not getting any suggestions. Well, to be more specific, I’m getting none from the newsgroup. Apathy rocks eh ?

Oh, and if you are reading this, and you have one to do.. don’t bother with any HTML / CSS. I’m using a common format for presentation across the Interview Section to give a good consistency of appearance. Many thanks for the feedback (you know who you are 🙂 )

Ah . one last thing.. Smilies. There are some interviews which have some smilies in, but obviously they are just the : and the ) Now I can use a gif so that a proper smiley is displayed … thoughts ?

4 thoughts on “UPB stuff

  1. Apathy is great, I’ve been dealing with it for 3 years now.

    Mine is a leave as is, by the way, until there are new questions or similar.

    Personally, I’d say leave out the smileys. they don’t appear anywhere else, and if we’re going for a consistent look …

  2. i think you should put ’em up one at a time. that way people will pay each one proper attention (after all, effort goes into completing ’em). given too many at the same time, they might just skim ’em which would be a shame…….

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