F1 is back !

So it’s 01:15, I’m awake, and the race starts in 105 minutes. Will I still be up ? Who knows …..

I really really should not have stayed up so long the other night. It’s taken me ages to get and maintain a good sleep pattern, and that one night has screwed it all up. On the grand scale of things I’d agree it’s no biggie, but the effect it has on me is bad. Very bad. Bugger.

I’m debating being more serious and more honest here. No huge reason, but I’ve been reading things, and thinking. I can’t see the sides of the argument properly right now though, so it’s better to wait until I can. It’s not like the clues haven’t been here before is it, but actually writing something down, saying it all publicly is different. The thing is, its not approval I’d want, it’s just understanding, but then who is there to understand ? Those that did would say so, those that didn’t would be quiet, and those that wanted to pretend would say something but mean nothing. So where do I gain ? Dunno. Don’t think I do really.

Links 2004. Good so far, some neat animations. Given that the game relies really on about 2 buttons and the thumbstick, the xbox controller just about manages the job.

You know those people who run round streets hurting people or property ? The types who ‘The Sun’ class as “lunatics” ? You know they aren’t mad. Not mad at all. They are totally normal people who have been driven to a state of anger, frustration and despair by a system that is so clogged with crap, so driven by targets and not needs, so slanted toward propping up it’s own bureaucracy that the only way to really get any attention, the only way for that system to acknowledge you is to do something so extreme that everyone notices, everyone sees, but the very action that is born out of that, the action that you don’t want to do, but just springs almost from nowhere, causes other parts of the system to be brought into action. And the resulting action takes you so far away from the systems that repeatedly failed you that they just wipe you from where you existed in their data, and they carry on inflicting their inactions upon even more unsuspecting people. Because of this, those failing systems do not get the scrutiny and investigation that they need, so they persist, they remain, they inflict.