Handwork ?

Very late night last night due to me and Russ playing PGR2 and SSX3 from about 7pm to 2am. (And yes, the xbox controller for SSX3 is still crap – not crap enough that I can’t score a million on Style Mile, but still crap overall.). Today I said a farewell to Tony Hawks, and got Links 2004 instead. A more sedate game for those quieter moments.

Saw Brian, and hopefully, sometime soon when they have time, we are going to remove the implanted bar from the back of my left hand, and insert a much larger curved barbell. We discussed how to lock the threads on the ball in such a way as to minimise possible complications, but to be honest, if they did result, then it’s just a case of cutting the thing out. We want the time available so that we can take a huge amount of photos and maybe digital video of the removal and reimplantation. I don’t particularly want those resulting images to be too publicly available as they would inevitably be submitted to BME (something I do NOT want to happen), but there may be a place for them somewhere.

This weekend, among other things of course, I need to create different header image for the parts of the site that use the same CSS. The above image does not translate well to them, and rather than me have that image up there (look up a bit) everywhere, I’ll create another. I think. Maybe.

I’ve 2 new interviews in so far for the UPB site, and the CSS / HTML looks okay where I’ve tested it, so hopefully, give it a week or less and that can be re-launched.

3 weeks tonight, and it’s the MUNCH !!!