So, music…..

Been trying a few players / organisers, but without success.
All I want is for music to be organised, and played. I don’t want all the other ‘bells and whistles’ that so many programs have. I mean, if someone is that serious about their sounds, are they really going to go for something so generic ?
Anyway, I also like BlogAmp. Fills that space in the column to your right. Also tells some people how I am from what I’m listening to.
Tried Winamp 5. Looks nice, but no Blogamp.
Back to Winamp 2.91 then……imported the whole lot of music (that’s just over 8000 tracks! Eek!!) into the media library, so I’ll have to see how I get on with that.
Point of Trivia – 1 album, by B-TON-K, when classed by genre, is ‘Noise’. Very bloody funny.

—- and later I wrote …..

What I really need to do is to pull all the utter crap out of the music folder, and create a second folder for that. For ‘crap’ I mean music the girls and J like. I’ll give a few examples so you can reassure yourself of my correctness on this issue:
George Benson, MJackson, Blue, Westlife, Will Young, Kylie, MCarey, Mylene. Need I go on ?

That’s a job for later then 🙂

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