Vib Ribbon

I need a new game to play … and I also need to find or rebuy the fantastic Vib Ribbon.

Using AVG ? Then update it. 3 updates in the last 24 hours, including one at over 2meg.

Clickables smilies temp removed from commenting. I’ll replace the hack at some point soon no doubt.

Wednesday. I like Wednesdays. And no, I’m not saying why – yet.

The new display .. it should degrade well if viewed at 800*600. If it doesn’t, would someone let me know ? Ta.

All CSS and templates written for what I’m playing with right now. All I need is the content, and I get on with the job. No rush though for those of you who know what I’m talking about.

Tried (briefly) to get my right nipple to 4mm on the vertical hole yesterday (it’s at 3.2mm and has been for months). I want to try again to fit the drilled barbell with the horizontal piercing, but Mr Nipple was having none of it. Need to try in the shower methinks.

2 thoughts on “Vib Ribbon

  1. I switched to AVG after my reinstall simply because I couldn’t find the info you set me … there were some things I didn’t back up. Oops 🙂

    AVG seems okay though right now, but thanks for the offer!!

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