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Never thought I’d need any sort of password manager. Nothing here on my computer is particularly ‘secret’, but recently I’ve found myself hunting through emails, text files and the like to find the necessary info to get in somewhere. It’s not even important stuff (like banking), just regular info that I need.
Forum passwords, webmail, servers, mySQL, blogs – you get the idea. I did used to use just the one password for everything, but I have changed to more secure ones recently – hence my need to hunt around for things I cannot remember. Ever just chucked a password into a form and the next day, or some time later, had not the slightest clue what you used ? Been there, done that.
So, off to the trusty folk at ACF, and now I use It’s free, small and effective. The info is encrypted to, so if the computer got pinched, the info is still secure.

Music. I’ve got a lot of my HD. The other day when I opened the ‘Music’ folder, I was struck by just how many folders I had, and thought it untidy. So, I created alphabet folders ( A, B, C etc) and dropped the music into the appropriate folder. And today I couldn’t find what I wanted.
You know those times when you want music, indeed need music, but don’t quite know what ? Well having to trawl by letter is not good. Did I file that album by band name ? Album title ? Genre ?
I need to think up another system……
I don’t use playlists either, so some sort of music manager wouldn’t help me as far as I know.
(I settled for Fatboy Slim Live at Brighton Beach in the end .. if you were interested).

And if you’ve not played that game I linked below yet – do it now !!

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