Give me SSX3 and I’ll play a fine game. Lots of tricks, few wipeouts, lots of points.

Give me TH4 and I’ll turn into a bloke with 10 thumbs. I know Steve loves it, and can complete 100%, but me ? Nooooo. I’ve tried and tried, but for some reason it just doesn’t ‘connect’ with me. This will sound really stupid, but it just feels like I’m controlling something on wheels, rather than someone. Maybe it’s the transition from SSX, or maybe it’s because I’m crap at it. I’ve had the game for ages now (I remember switching it on for the first time and hearing an AC/DC track and thinking “Coooool game”) but for the last couple of hours, all I’ve done is swore a lot and not really got anywhere. A couple of the first level goals I’ve done (inline race, warn the skaters, Spine (?) the wall), but skitching the car ? grinding the banners ?, tricks as they are called ?, getting 40,000 ?? grinding the long rails ??? More chance I’ll wake up in the morning with a dislike of cake. Part of me says “Swap it!”, another part says to give it more time. I think it will be the former.

Stats done for UPB, and when I wake later, the other ng’s can be done. I’ve been checking out the script that does the job too, and it does a lot more than I use it for, but for which I can find a use. One feature may be that I can more easily produce a year-end listing which would be cool.

New link added to ‘Links’ – musicplasma. I’ve posted it before, but then I lost it. I figure I can’t lose it again if I stick it on here.

And I really hope that YOU are okay xxx

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  1. I think a lot of the fact I just picked up the THPS series from the start is related to the fact I spent a lot of my younger days skating in real life. I know the tricks, and they translate really well to the game. Maybe thats why I managed to complete all 5 of them 100% without much trouble.

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