BBC NEWS : Soft drink is purified tap water

WTF is this ?
“Soft drink giant Coca-Cola has admitted it is selling purified tap water in a bottle.” Didn’t the Trotters try this in ‘Only Fools…” ?

What get’s me is this…we all know that water is H2O. That’s all. Two hydrogen atoms, one oxygen atom. Simple. So ‘pure water’ should be just those atoms should it not ? Anything else included makes the water IMpure. Now without getting into the whole flouride debate, we all accept that what comes out of the tap – or even what comes in a bottle – is NOT pure water as I described above. It’s got other stuff in. Look at a bottle of the stuff, and you will see a composition breakdown. Calcium Carbonate is usually in there. Tap water ? Ring up the company, I’m sure they’ll tell you or send you their latest test results. So it’s not pure. It’s not bad for you, it’s not going to do anything for you in particular, but it is not just some H and some O in the glass / bottle / tap / whatever.

That is, unless you work for Coca-Cola.
“”It’s just that Dasani is as pure as water can get – there are different levels of purity.” Yea, right. So now they are redefining ‘pure’.
“before minerals are added to “enhance the pure taste” – so they are actually making it more IMpure then surely ?
Picture the scene in a Coco-Cola Exec’s house … His 16 year old daughter walks in after a party and says “Hi Dad, I’m still pure, but I’ve just had some minerals added by this guy I met”.

It’s either pure, or it is not.

And if you buy this stuff, at least admit it’s for the convenience and not for any other ‘healthier’ purpose. Oh yes, and you’ve more money than sense too.

BBC NEWS | UK | Soft drink is purified tap water

5 thoughts on “BBC NEWS : Soft drink is purified tap water

  1. i buy bottled water and drink about 2 litres of it a day. mailny its convenience as you say but its only 70c (50p) for 2 litres and I much prefer the taste. tap water (no matter what you say) tastes different and i don’t like it so much.

    on the purity aspect they say they filter it and reverse osmose it etc but the only true way to purify water is by distillation and condensation so it ain’t the purest form of water even before they start adding their impurities for flavour 🙄

  2. oh and always meant to ask…what are the numbers at the end of your post title (eg Filed: Inane URLs@ 834). thought at first they were the time you posted but they don’t make sense that way…..stumped!

  3. Hehe – they are the time.

    It’s the Swatch Internet Time.
    “The Swatch company has created a new way of measuring time, called ‘Internet Time’. A day in internet time is sub-divided into 1000 Swatch ‘Beats’, each 1 minute, 26.4 seconds long, counting from @000, which marks midnight BMT (Biel Mean Time, named after the home city of Swatch in Switzerland). The above time can be set to display either UK localised time or Biel Mean Time.”

    For this blog, it’s just the php code B rather than the code for h/m/s when it goes to display the time.

    I just like it 🙂

  4. Your comment smiles are buggered :(. I’m sat here with a lovely cool pint of Severn Trent Water :), I normally have several pints of it every day, and can’t tend to buy the cheapest supermarket water if I’m out and need something to drink.

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