Nearly missed a day posting here! Tut tut, that’ll not do now will it ??

So …. Zoe has got 1 of the 3 remaining snowflakes (Intimidator), Kaori is okay with the challenges so far, but may not be quick enough for even the ‘double backflip, forward flip’ at the base of MetroCity. I’ll see on that. Am debating trying again to play Tony Hawk’s 4 on PS2. SSX3 is as good as completed now, so another challenge is needed.

We may have found another house. More news as and when.

Sometimes CSS is not as good as HTML – it all depends on the job. Yes, I know you knew that 🙂 I spent ages last night coding two pages. One in CSS, the other in HTML. The code for the CSS ended up being as bulky as the HTML, and with browsers being how they are, the HTML way is the method to be used. Unless I can find a CSS shortcut, but I don’t think it exists, and even then the browser problem remains. Bleurgh.

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1st of the month tomorrow, so newsgroup stats to do .. I can do the UPB ones from midnight, but the others I have to wait until late tomorrow. I ought to find out what time midnight in California is here – you know what I mean – as the other groups I do them for are predominantly US based. No idea where to look for that, but look I shall….. Sorted it – www.timeanddate.com

Firefox continues to please.

Had an email yesterday from Rach. She says “Hi and love to everyone”.