It’s Friday

News. I’ve been using one particular reader for a while now, but continuing in my virtuous streak, I thought I’d look for something free.
Some were 1.3meg (or thereabouts) but also wanted .NET framework, so that was a no.
Some were 4meg, but just seemed unfriendly.
And one was 364K. That’s the download size, but it’s still small. It’s installed, seems to be working fine, and does just what I need it to.
If you do install this, once you run it, turn your speakers down and wander off for a coffee. It comes with it’s own OPML file, and will initially pull in everything from those feeds. Took a minute or two to do here did that.

Hoping to get a few things done today, including the installation of the latest nightly build of WordPress on my testblog. If all goes fine, I’ll install it here too later.

Speech is much better too. The odd letter (so far) is slightly lisped, but it seems that my sounding drunk all the time has ceased now the hollow tunnel is gone from my tongue.

I might have a rant later about something too.