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In the post below, I mentioned IVF. Contrary to a couple of comments, I did not say what I actually believe – I was merely pondering – as I am right now.

Arguably, we have been using man’s scientific advancement in many ways already, and have already interfered with the Darwinism “survival of the fittest”. To extrapolate the points in that other post, if we are to deny some medical prodecures, then why don’t we deny even more ? Or why not let the medics have free rein ?
After all, if a ‘pikey’ has an infection, why should we treat it ?
Or should we go to the other extreme and allow everything that a doctor or surgeon can do ?

If we should, then where does the money come from ?
If we shouldn’t, why ?
If the money comes only from the person wanting the procedure, then surely we have thrown Darwinism out, and replaced it with ‘survival of the richest’ ?
And if only the rich will survive, then how do you deal with a situation where it is someone close to you that needs help but cannot afford it ? Grin and bear it ? Really ?

If scientific advances are there to be used, then why don’t we just get on with them instead of some ‘powers-that-be’ wringing their hands about the issues involved ?

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  1. because we have long held the potential seeds of our own destruction. the technology exists to intruduce super bacteria into the world. nuclear overkill exists *serveral* times over. pulling apart the fundementals of the reproductive sections of our dna has the potential to reduce a developing foetus into so much soup.
    people have the right “not to” just as much as other people have a right “to” some technology is dangerous.
    take care

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