Sorted that work last night. Only made a few mistakes doing it too – I was sort of expecting to make more.

Off out in a bit to do some work somewhere new, and I’m really looking forward to it. Should be fun !

Why do we call people who run sites ‘webmasters’ ? Surely ‘sitemaster’ or ‘domainmaster’ or ‘look-at-this-mess master’ would be better ? I mean, I run/control this site, I run/control the abody site, I run/control D.’s domain, I have input to the upb site, so does that make me some sort of ‘Webmaster’ ? I don’t think so. It’s not a term I like. I don’t know what term I do like. Oh well. (That was a random thought that just came to me).

A complete stranger told me my tattoos looked really good the other day ….

Xbox modding. Am looking more and more into it, and while it’s very simple in principle, digging behind all the jargon is proving a tad difficult. Found someone who will fit a chip (+ software) but as he wants in the region of £100+ for the priviledge, I’ll not be taking up the offer. Fitting the chip itself is meant to be a breeze – it’s software installation that’s the tricky bit. Still, I’ve done more complex stuff, so in the end I should get a grip on it.

My 9mm tongue plug should be here soon !!

And I’ve decided to style the rest of the site to suit this page. Although it locks me in to this design (sort of), I’ll just be having the one css for the rest of the pages, so it’ll be easier to alter as and when. I’ll tackle that tonight I think.

There …. nothing cryptic 😉