Banana Juice

So..server software now all happy and talking nicely not only to everything else in this computer, but also the Lan card and the modem. Awkward thing it was too.

Abody site tweaked a little here and there, and right now the next part of the site development is heading into my machine for me to sort, write the html, make sure the rest of the code works and then up it all to the site.

Foxmail. No filtering. Not great, but as I don’t really use it, not bad either. Now need to go though all the email I have from the previous client, extract essential information, then zip the whole shebang up and drop it onto my D: drive. Though I may give Thunderbird a look ….

Firefox. I like. Being able to edit the CSS for a page (that’s any page) and see realtime effects is really cool, and saves a load of time and hassle. Still clicking the wrong thing occasionally, but that’s more to do my unlearning Avant than anything else. Once D is used to it, I’ll probably install it on her machine too … makes things a wee bit safer for her (or should that be ‘me’ as it’s muggins here who cleans it all up 🙂 )

And why can’t you buy banana juice ?

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