Dandelion + Burdock

Gold in Kick Doubt achieved !!! Score of 956,000. Now for the last few challenges (gates in Gravitude, and the inline collectibles in Throne).

Firefox. Some teething troubles as I installed various big (and very beta) add-ons, but so far so good. I’m seeing a few broken sites, and still getting used to how it all loads and works, but speed wise it’s fine.

Ftp. I can get every other net-needing program to work (including DC++ !!), but not the ftp. I think it may be a setting I altered when I had the network problem with the other computer, so more reading there. It’s damn annoying though. I exchange fairly hefty files with the guys at abody, and it’s just more efficient to send 10meg of images over a line rather than either zip them for email or burn to cd. So it’s not really something I can leave.

Oh well… another week of pointless house-hunting ahead…….