I’m crap at this stuff, so any suggestions.

TV – 1 co-ax socket, 3 scarts
Set-top box needs 1 scart, Dvd needs 1 scart. Video needs an in connection too.
so that leaves 1 scart and 1 co-ax free.

How can I connect the following so that I can easily switch to the console I want to play ?
PS2, GameCube, Xbox, N64, Megadrive, SNES, Dreamcast.

3 thoughts on “Spaghetti

  1. you need a 7 way scart switcher…biggest I could find was a 5 way from Argos (plugs into a scart socket on the TV, then you plug 5 devices into it, and it has 5 buttons on the unit to switch between inputs). Maybe using 2 of those in 2 of the 3 scart sockets on the tv, and sharing all your consoles and DVD player between them?

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