Foxmail +

Just installed it.
Can handle multiple accounts (not sure about IMAP), will run in the tray and check each account at the intervals you want, all you read is plain text, so all HTML and other stuff is handled by another program if you choose to let it, very easy to set up (looks very much like The Bat!), has a small banner which can sit in the corner of the screen and alert you to new mail, the templates look easy to play with too. It’s a 2.26meg download. Oh, and it’s Freeware.

Also took the opportunity to have a squiz though the Pricelessware site, and as a consequence now have installed Filezilla for my ftp needs (I had cause recently to try out about 8 freeware / trialware clients, and I liked this the most at the time) and Cesar FTP Server. Both programs are well recommended by alt.comp.freeware.
It’s not some sort of conscience attack that’s made me do this, more the fact that in all 3 programs I have replaced were many many features which I didn’t need, didn’t want, and didn’t know how to use. So why bloat my system ? I’ll use each of them as much as I can over the next week, and then get rid of the older stuff.

Now what else can I replace …………. ?

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