So… I looked at what SonicStage was doing.
To move music between the HD and the MiniDisc, this program ‘imports’ the music you want to transfer. Part of the reason is the format – MD’s do not use mp3, they use Atrac. I tried to find where SS stored this info, but couldn’t, so I selected to backup the info. After 18 minutes of it doing this, and when the backup file size got to 2gig, I got bored and stopped it.
Now this is daft.
I have a heap of music, a lot of which I may, at some time, want on my MD. If I import it all (apart from J’s and the girls’ junk), what that means is the program will copy it all. So I have 2 copies of all the tracks. Great efficiency there eh ? But, if I get rid of the originals, then I’m restricting myself to playing back the music just through SS, and this is way more cpu intensive than Winamp 2. So the originals I keep.
SS also restricts me to copying music out a maximum of 3 times. I make various MD’s to suit my mood. Happy ones, bouncy ones, thinking ones etc, and I put in whatever tracks appeal to me at that point in time. I don’t want to be restricted to the 3 times rule (and who set it to 3 ? why not 4 ? or 5 ? or lots ?).
So SS makes my HD use space it doesn’t really need to, and it also restricts my listening. Bugger.
SimpleBurner – I can drag and drop direct from CD. I can use Nero to burn a CD Image and then burn that. That too is faffing around though, and I’ve had problems with SB in the past. It also does not natively support the track titling, and I like having the track title so I can easily flick through tracks. And when you’ve the amount of music I have, but have misplaced the original CD’s, it doesn’t help 😉
There no other alternatives – so far anyway…

I could try uninstalling SS when track moving limits are met, but I’ll bet it has odd system hooks and files which mean that unless I track them down and delete them, I’m still foobarred. It also does not get away from the huge file copying. (Disc space is something I don’t need to worry about, but that’s not the point).

I’ve found a few MD forums, so I’ll be trawling those later for alternatives… as of yet, there is no drag’n’drop interface for HD to MD, and that’s a bugger.

One file location found – and files deleted.
One more tweak needed …