Well it ain’t so cool now it’s gone from the guys machine …. awkward little sod too.
Took the opportunity while there to illustrate the finer points of SSX Tricky to Neil, and all he needs to get is a couple of golds, and the wonders of PipeDream can be his too.

Earlier I realised that with the long coach journey to Bristol next month for the MUNCH, I’d better sort some music out for my MiniDisc. SonicStage duly fired up, clicked ‘Import All’, was momentarily distracted, and then saw the program had locked up. Ooops. Closed all the other apps, and tried again. It still locked up. Then I realised why – asking it to import all my music was a bit daft – it’s over 38gig 🙂
So tomorrow I’ll sort that .. just my music I think .. none of this J Lo and George Benson junk. I’ve also got a thought about this importing business (not DRM related) of which I will natter when what I think will happen happens. If it happens. (I could take this further, but I won’t). (yet).

Bedtime – it’s 01:44