The SSX Fan Site

I think I’ve posted this site before, but earlier, something in an orkut forum sent me looking there again.
I thought I played the game a lot, but hell, some of these people have no life other than SSX. There are some realtime recorded videos available for download on there (most are around the 10meg mark) and I’ve grabbed a couple (I’m sure I’ll get more..)
As an example, there is a course (R&B) where you need to score 1 million for a Platinum medal. I can score around 750,000. The video shows a guy getting 4.7 MILLION. Another (Kick Doubt) shows a score of 4.6 MILLION being landed. Now this stuff is good – it’s almost awesome – but wow… how long must they have played ??
So if you are stuck, and want clues on the Master Runs (2:13 on SnowJam ?) head away to