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18 glitch-free hours … bliss !
Thanks to the SSX site, I’ve now got Platinum on Intimidator. Just the 2 tricks runs now. I’ve also grabbed all the downloads from that site – a total of 210meg. I really must master the Monster Tricks…..

Out tonight to sort Neil and Brian’s home PC – apparently (well, not apparently, I’ve seen the HijackThis log) it’s full of the nasty stuff that D’s computer was, but this time I go equipped with all the necessary tools on CD.

Winamp list to the right – Fairlight Children. Want it ?

I really like this, but need to watch it a couple more times….ilove. It’s NSFW and takes a while to load (Flash + a soundtrack).

I’d link more, but it seems that when a site gets linked from the ones I trawl, it’s entire years bandwidth gets sucked up in 24hours, so when I go to check it’s still there, it’s gone. Oh well…..