D’s computer.
Has had XP re-installed (not a full reformat, more of a repair).
All drivers reinstalled.
From her computer, I can access all the shared files on MY computer.
If I try to get to the net, it is very very slow, and will time out. The front page of this site will load, but it won’t pull the CSS in.
The LAN card seems to be working fine. Device Manager reports no errors.
ipconfig /all reports no Default Gateway on her computer – if this is the problem, how do I set it ?
Data transfer: I can move 91meg from my machine to hers in less than 15 seconds.

Network setup wizard runs (on both) and reports no errors.
The XP firewalls are off. My firewall allows her computer full access.
pinging reports no losses.

Somewhere, and I’ve not the faintest clue where, a setting is wrong.
Any help ?

2 thoughts on “Right.

  1. Seems daft, maybe, dunno?

    but do you have Zonealarm installed? It’s been playing up on my machine, removing it and everything works OK. My router deals with the firewall side now so it’s not a big issue…

  2. She did have. I uninstalled it.
    I think it’s something from a piece of the crap-ware she installed that’s causing it, and of course repairing windows does not remove that crap, and starting IE will call any nasty processes. I’d rather not fully reinstall because it was a hard job getting a code from M$, and she’d lose work too. Her CD-R is not completing discs.
    Either way, I’m very fed up with this…

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