This is what I think happened:
– some sort of adware / spyware / malware corrupted something in the system that enables the connection between the computers, and in particular, the net connection. Certainly the scanners have removed a ton of crapware.
– Because it had done this, I had to make sure that the two could talk to each other.
– Knowing nothing about this was bad enough, and if the computers were side by side it may have helped, but as D’s is in her bedroom, and mine is downstairs, I was having to scribble info on paper, and move between the two. Not an ideal situation.
– I think then, having run the Network wizard a lot, checked lots of numbers and tried them, I eventually hit the right combination.
D’s computer now has full net access, has been scanned to death, a/v checked, registry cleared – you name it, I’ve done it. I’ve also asked really really nicely that she does not download the crap that she used to. I’ll happily clear bits, but this was just plain silly. Guess she had to get to this point. (If she does it again, I’ll Linux her machine and let her deal with that!

I will say though that I found sweet FA on the net to help – absolutely bugger all. I don’t want to know about Default Gateways and techy stuff like that, but whatever I did – and I don’t know precisely what cured it – has sorted it. For now.

Sometimes, I really really hate computers.

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  1. I wholeheardedly reccommend it… moved to Gentoo Linux a few days ago, and have everything running on it just about that I had on the windows machine, and it’s just nicer to use! 🙂 much more personaliseable too!

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