Had a really long and wideranging conversation with paleblue last night / this morning, and between us, I think most of the world’s problems were discussed, dissected, put to rights and then tossed into the ether. I like those sort of chatters 🙂
The house hunt goes on .. we might have somewhere, but it has it’s own issues, so we need to continue looking. One consequence is going to be that I will have to use my bike, so the job I’ve got is to remove the chain, and get that completely sorted. The snow and ice has damaged enough for it to not work properly. No doubt cables and other bits need attention too. As I’m not in the least mechanically minded, I’m pondering chucking it in the car and getting it fully serviced instead. Easier, but costs more. Easier, and I won’t swear either. Easier and the job gets done properly. A service has a lot going for it !

Do not trust some of the reviews on Amazon. Why ? Go read this story.

Google News. I liked it until I found RSS, but if you are a real news junkie, head over to More news, links and feeds than you can shake a very large stick at.

GameCube Linux ?