SpybotS&D finds nothing.
HijackThis has found and eliminated what it could.
a2 is free, but needs registering, so I can’t use it on a no-net PC.
Bazooka finds and tells me it’s removed 6 items.
Max Net Shield finds 16 (5 of which Bazooka said it had got rid of) then tells me I can’t have them removed until I pay for the program. Not a chance in hell. I do know where to look thankyouverymuch.
SpySweeper finds 4, and just ‘quarantines’ them. (Like they’re going to excape from the bloody computer and wreck the house eh ?).

Clever bastards the twats that write this spyware shit…….

(oh, and is it me or does IrcSpy seem a little less comprehensive than it used to be ? Wonder if the RIAA bought it ……….)