Network problem

No idea how it happened, but here’s the story;
D.’s computer was again full of crap, and she noticed she could not connect to the net. SpybotS&D found sod all (I burned to disc on mine and transferred it) but thankfully HijackThis did, and it has fixed some problems. But …………
I can ping her machine.
The ipconfig /all settings are correct.
Firewalls are not an issue.
I can put a file into a folder on my machine, and retrieve it from hers.
I can connect (now) to #irc on her machine, though it was very brief before something killed that.
What I cannot do is get IE or Avant, or Adaware or SpyBot to connect to the net. I get time-out errors.
I’ve ran the Network Wizard again (twice – in the correct order) and the only event of note is that when running it on her machine, I get an error – “Spooler subsystemApp has an error and needs to close” – and then the wizard completes.

So I’ve no clue……….at this rate, I’ll hunt through the registry, find the XP activation key, and reformat the bloody drive.

Any ideas anyone ? I really could use the help on this one ….. I’m in #irc if it helps ?

2 thoughts on “Network problem

  1. Was.
    I’ve unistalled her lexmark, mine is off anyway, and I can get the Wizard to complete.
    I’ve reset many IE defaults, checked again on some sharing – her computer won’t see my second drive – and net connection is dead. Very dead.
    I’ve googled, but nothing I’ve tried works – including removing a QoD Packet Scheduler ?
    It’s a really wierd error, and when her IE *does* start, the address bar shows several attempts to connect to different IP’s, so I’ve a feeling there is something odd still in her machine, but of course I can’t do anything much about it yet ..
    I need to read more .

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