Jim Rockford

So I mention that I’ve been sober for a while …. and I wake this morning with the headache from hell. Great. Still, more sleep and a pile of nurofen has dulled it enough for me exist a bit more. I was going to say something else – at least i think I was – but I forget ….
Yes .. UK2Net – the ISP. I’ve said before that they are crap, well I’ve had cause to revise that opinion – they are worse than that. I had cause to query some oddness on the abody site (seeing as I manage it) and this involved, among other things, an .htaccess file.
Now I can do these, and have one protecting this site overall, another protecting a directory etc, so I do know how to write them and get them to work, but I needed some info from UK2Net. I wrote, giving plenty of detail, the effects, what I wanted to happen, the lot. And what do they say in return ? “Check your htaccess”!! I sent them a bloody copy – pillocks. They could SEE it. How retarded is that ? No help offered at all. Said it before – don’t get hosted by UK2Net… bunch of incompetent twats. And there’s nothing wrong with the file either. Grief …….

Now to create web pages in Notepad. Fun !