I’ve sort of decided to leave my lobes at 16mm. They can both go up to 18mm very very easily, but with only steel or acrylic jewellery, the skin there gets all skanky, and at 16, with bamboo plugs, all is healthy. So there it stays. The other hole in my left lobe has gone back up to 8mm, as has the conch in the same ear. All is good there.
I also spoke to the guy at Breed316 today. I’d left getting the plug for my tongue for various reasons, but he emailed me, so I called. By next week I should have a 9mm wide, 15mm ID black nylon plug in my mouth, and I should at last be able to talk better. Although my altered speech is perfectly recognisable by those I talk to a lot, others do look at me as if I’m smashed, so maybe having a flesh tunnel in my tongue isn’t that great for longterm wear – not that I intended to stay at 8mm though.

And talking of being smashed, it’s only 10 days until I will have done a whole year completely sober.
Some of you have no idea how pleased I am to be able to say that…………….

How stupid ?

So I get a load of virus laden email sent to me during this last outbreak. Now I’m not stupid, and I ensure that I delete the lot. I regularly run full scans of both my drives, and they are always clean.
So.. doing some clearing out of files, I delete the ‘trash’ of all my mailboxes – which would be where the deleted infected mails would have been. I then run the Windows Disk Cleanup and defrag the drive. A day or two later, I ran a utility (two in fact) that promise to delete all the stuff that windows keeps even though it tells you it has been cleaned up. With me ?
I’ve deleted, deleted, cleaned, and erased a whole stack of files, among which the viruses were.
Following a thread on a newsgroup, I decide to perform an online scan (even though my AVG is bang uptodate) and it reports that I have viruses. WTF ???? These are sitting in a /TEMP folder. Now I did not put them there, Windows did. It didn’t tell me, it did sod all about them.
So now I’ve not just deleted them, I’ve shredded them also.

I wasn’t infected, and am unlikely to be by an email virus (yes, I know they can arrive in different ways), but wtf is Windows doing ? Stupid bloody OS.