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After doing some reading about this, I checked my server log for today. I’m pretty sure that as of an hour ago, I’d had over 30 RSS hits alone (I checked IP addresses). Now I’m not about to try to resolve that many addresses, but I wonder just who on earth has this page as a feed ? Do I say anything even remotely interesting to anyone else ?
I’m looking at a few ‘sort-of’ solutions to establishing who is reading, and I may kill the feed for a few days and then try to disguise it behind something like “give me your email address and I’ll let you feed” thing. This was one of my issues with RSS before I started using WordPress, and it’s a common issue with most blogging programs. Yes, I know this is on the internet, yes I know that anyone can look at it, yes I know that I should accept this, but that does not stop me from being just a tiny bit curious as to where the feed is going.
What would be cool would be a box that you could enter your details into, then it’s displayed here near the RSS link. That way, I get to see who is linking, and you get to see your link on this page. Or is that daft ? Who cares – it’s my idea and I like it. Tell you what, email me ( and I’ll make a little box down on the right. Now of course, this may be too long for that last bit to land in an aggregator …….. yah bugger.

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