I’ve fiddled a bit.
Google and it’s ilk can now wander in and look at words, but only words. All my image directories are out of bounds, and just to be sure, and to add a dash of overkill, I’ve slung some controlling text in those directories too. Why I did that I don’t know – if it disobeys one, it’ll disobey another. Anyway, if you want to protect your image galleries from the all-thieving Google…

Write this in Notepad:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /gallery/

Save it as ‘robots.txt’, upload as ASCII to your main web site html directory. Add as many Disallow lines as you like., and of course, change ‘gallery’ to be whatever yours is actually called. To completely lock the door on Google and other SE’s, have a * after Disallow:
That make sense? Hope so 🙂

And I still think that all ISP’s should routinely offer basic advice like this as part of their package. And I still think that SE’s are stealing by caching images.