Snippage (or not)

Now I’m not a net purist, and I’m in no position to do anything about it, but FFS, I wish some people would snip more…..
One group I read has a good many programmers / hackers (the nice sort) in it, yet I regularly see NO snipping. None. At all. A post of over 50+ lines will be answered with the exact same post, sometimes with posting headers, and a “Yea, I got that fixed after a few hours tweaking” Now WTF is that all about then ? It’s like a ‘Me too’ post.

The odd forgetting to snip a header or a sig is fine, it happens, and shouldn’t be commented on really – unless of course you are some sort of self-appointed ng nazi in which case you can fuck off right back under the rock you came from – but it’s stupid now. It’s almost as if they don’t realise that when they have scrolled through 110 lines of a post, only to add one line, that everyone else has to the bloody same. Do they have no sense ?
Or is it that now that space is not at the premium it was years ago, that they don’t care ?
Me ? I think it’s plain bloody stupid, and TF it doesn’t happen that much in UPB.

Moan over.