Hypocrisy ?

I saw a couple of links on another blog, one that said “Respect the Copyright” and the other said “Respect the Bootleggers”. Where the links went mattered not to me (Google for it if it does to you), but it strikes me as odd that many people will happily share music, programs (hey, I’m not innocent here, but then I’m not moaning ) and other material that has been created by someone else in order to make a profit (their living maybe), yet if someone stole a graphic from their page, or used some of the content of their page to make a profit themselves (Creative Commons Deed anyone ?) then that person would be as angry as hell.
Why ?
Surely, in all conscience, you cannot insist that others respect the copyright you assert over your work if you do not respect theirs. Can you ? If you want me to credit you, and to make it plain where I got something visible for from this page, in the hope that doing so drives more traffic your way, then how can you justify the downloading and sharing of music and programs ? “Yea well”, you say, “I got one album, but I bought the other 3” – Bollocks you did. All these little © symbols mean exactly the same on an album, or a CD as they do your blog.
Pot calling kettle ? Not really.. there’s no copyright or CC Deed here, and what I’m not coming from is a position of superiority, but it IS hypocritical of you to expect one behaviour yet indulge in another. Or is it because filesharing is invisible ? Or that the artists are rich ? Or that Adobe are a company so it doesn’t really matter ? But that little .gif that took you a few minutes to design does ?
Hypocrisy stinks, however it is flavoured.