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In tonight’s dispatches : SSX3 / A mug / Geek ?? / Newsgroups

I think I’ve broken the second PS2 pad playing SSX3. I’d just scored a million in Style Mile, and it started acting like I was pressing the ‘start’ button to pause it repeatedly. Luckily – for it – I completed the course to get the Platinum medal and saved the game, but at this rate (2 pads in reserve so to speak) it’ll be a damn expensive Xmas gift that I bought for D. 😉 Zoe just has Gold in Kick Doubt (not a chance!!) to get and a couple of snowflakes, and that’ll be 100% done. Cool !

Mugs. You know the way that your coffee or tea always tastes better out of a certain mug, and that over time, that mug becomes an integral part of your reassuring routines that you construct your daily life through ? Well, my favourite mug (green, with the muggy bit sitting on a base – it looked like an odd shaped eggcup) had a really small chip near the top. Nothing to worry about, in fact it almost bonded us closer …….. and yesterday I poured the water in from the kettle, and it cracked. Loudly. No more mug 🙁 It takes ages to get used to another too .. I’ll have to size up the available candidates this coming week and see if any can pass the audition with flying colours. It’s a hard act they’ve got to follow ….

Me geeky ? Hell no. I’ve wondered if people reading this have ever had any ridiculous ideas of me being some sort of geek. I hope you haven’t. I know I witter on about things, and use all important words at times, and I know that I know my way around lots of stuff, but a geek ? Nope. Just a (fairly) regular guy who spends far too much time sitting in front of his computer and playing with code. And breaking it. I always think that the very best way to learn things, especially web stuff (because it’s not really real is it – it’s just tamed electricity and 1’s and 0’s) is to break it, mend it, break it, mend it (repeat a lot). And I do that. Very well in fact.

I follow, and post, to 7 newsgroups at the moment. Yesterday, I got fed up of the huge retention in Gravity, so unsubbed, resubbed with a smaller cache, and marked all as read. As of now, I’ve over 250 unread messages already .. now I don’t read everything, but even so, that’s a lot to scan, so while I do that ……..

If I had adverts, I’d play them now……


Since I wrote that, I’ve been having coffee from the deputy mug, and I thought you’d like to see a photo….

Recognise anything ? That’s my loot from Oxford 2 !

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