So then ….

I’ve replaced the Categories code back into the index, and started the job of categorising previous posts. I’ve posted over 100 times since I started this blog (so the stats say), so it’s not the quickest of jobs, not that it means anything really, but I guess it does mean I can track my posts down easier. I won’t however be putting a search box in permanently – well I’ve no plans yet. At best i think I’d drop it in, find what I want, then shift it out again. I can see their usefulness to the blog owner, but not really for anyone else. I think they look ugly too.

Tomorrow I’ll sort all the href’d colours out. I just used this last colour so that when I type things like abody, you’d see how the new hack works. I could type F1 too. Or Dino, or IrcSpy – you get the idea 🙂


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