“It is better to be hated for what one is, then to be loved for what one is not.”
Andre Gide

“Hope deceives more men than cunning can.”
Marquis Vauvenargues


So I’ve made a couple of changes to the CSS, and it should look a wee bit more subtle now. For a while anyway.
I still need to write the style for the stats page, put back in the funky underlining when links are hovered, and probably something else I can’t think of right now.

This new hack I added yesterday – the one that does the auto-linking. Now I think it’s really cool, not only how it works and the benefit to the page, but also that it can speed up a visitors linking to other pages, but, and I’ve said this to the developer, there could also be another side to it.
Comment spammers have targeted blogs, and have tried to place words and urls into those comments so that when Googlebot pays a visit, it sees all these wonderful (and to it – recommended) links, thinks that the linked site must be something good, and so raises it’s profile in the search database. That’s why the comment spammers do what they do – to generate traffic to their sites. In some ways, this tool could be misused then could it not ?
If I write abody abody abody abody abody abody then Googlebot will now see six links to abody (oops, that seven !) and presumably this information, or at least some of it, will attach to the ranking of the abody site. So, I could open another blog – sorry – a WordPress blog – and then on a daily basis, or even more often, post a prepared entry consisting purely of words that will be automatically hyperlinked, googlebotted and presumably the search ranking changes. I suppose that’s already possible though …
And it won’t just be WP, no doubt the MT hack will be available soon.

I upgraded my testblog very late last night – I really ought to sort that out too – and it was painless 🙂 A few behind the scenes changes that I’ve yet to play with in more depth, but so far, looks good. I have mentioned that there is a WP import tool for MT blogs haven’t I ?

So then ….

I’ve replaced the Categories code back into the index, and started the job of categorising previous posts. I’ve posted over 100 times since I started this blog (so the stats say), so it’s not the quickest of jobs, not that it means anything really, but I guess it does mean I can track my posts down easier. I won’t however be putting a search box in permanently – well I’ve no plans yet. At best i think I’d drop it in, find what I want, then shift it out again. I can see their usefulness to the blog owner, but not really for anyone else. I think they look ugly too.

Tomorrow I’ll sort all the href’d colours out. I just used this last colour so that when I type things like abody, you’d see how the new hack works. I could type F1 too. Or Dino, or IrcSpy – you get the idea 🙂


Neat !

Now this is an excellent addition to WordPress.

When I type words straight into the edit box, they are automatically hyperlinked between me hitting ‘Publish’ and them hitting the site. All I have to do is define the words into a text file, – this file being read at each publish time so I can change it to whatever whenever, and then when I type Crimson, or Fnook, or slh, or Jayne, or anything else, including Orkut and F1, literally ALL I am typing is that. I’m adding no link tags, no href’s, nothing.
It’ll also do multiple word phrases, and more besides 🙂
So I end up with a nicely hyperlinked entry, at zero effort. Cool or what ?

Do I like this hack or am I a grape ? 🙂 🙂 🙂