Went into abody today, had a natter about various things, including their site, and when I got back decided to tackle the job I’ve been putting off. Took a fair while too. It wasn’t the work as such, but I had to download around 110meg of files, make changes to a huge number of them, upload some, check, upload some more, check, then upload the lot. Also created a very basic 404 (they can choose how to do theirs now they can see a rough one) and next it’s anti-hotlinking. Unfortunately, maybe because of how we open windows on that site, a simple .htaccess does not do the job. So I’ve a bit of hunting around to do.
Next job for them is to watermark every image. I have a script to do the job, but again it needs testing with a basic image and then when it’s perfected, upload all the images again. A few images are bound to break, but I’ve 4 complete backups here, so it matters little.

In other news….
Did you know PHP hates white space ? If a php file ends with a ?> (as they do) but you leave any white space after it, it won’t work. I’ve been using Notepad as it was here and it works, and occasionally getting an error, but ..~ has persuaded me to get Crimson. So now I have HTML-Kit for html, Topstyle for CSS and now Crimson for PHP. That all sounds really geeky, but really it’s just a PITA. Honest. Odd, I know bits about a lot, and a lot about some bits, but not a lot about a lot. Guess that’s how most of us are really. I know what I know, and I’ll find out what I don’t.

Yes Fnook, I have a photo. No Fnook, I’m not posting it here 🙂

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