I got rid of the blue/white one. I didn’t like it.
There’s a CSS Style competition at the WordPress site, and that finishes later today (it’s on US time). I’ve had a look, and tried a few here tonight (then got rid) but I’ll get a couple when all the entrants are listed, make them more ‘mine’ using the colours, then put them here. Upload one tiny folder – job done. Really easy. I think it’s cool that you get to choose how to see the page !

Categories…. haven’t quite seen the point of them, but that’s not a criticism of them (or your use of them) it’s just that what different categories do I have to write about ? I just have a mishmash of things – I can hardly have ‘Work’ and ‘Home’ categories can I ? But, having said that, and now having a blog, and with some apparently really cool category-based stuff coming up in WP 1.1, I may use them. Probably Rants, Links, General and anything else that comes to me, so you may see them appear. If I may have to write about them, I need to know the what’s and the where’s of them.

Still got some problems with PHP … I’m going to have to go hunting for answers or, more likely, set up a page here somewhere and bash at it until it works.

And I planning pulling parts of the abody site apart to make it more future-proof as it grows. The current set up, after I had thunk about it, has a few holes, but holes I can do something about now. Ack….big job.