Just had a good look around inside, and I can’t quite figure what the big fuss was all about..
I’ve used messengers (and sometimes still do, but I never got wierded by anyone), I’m in several active forums, I’m in UPB (of course), I dropped IAM because …. well because I think Glider is a fucking lunatic, he would spout forth all about equality and shit where in actual fact it’s run by the “in” crowd and always will be and their views are LAW, it harms more than it helps (for me) and I think it’s a pile of steaming shit (yea, yea.. so one of you may really like it – but I don’t) and he is stinkingly rich compared to 99.9% of the people on that sytem yet still has the gall to ask for fees / donations etc, I use 3 chat channels on #IRC… so I’m not sure what Orkut will do for me. Having said that of coure, you only get out of any community what you put in, so I’ll hangfire with the judgement…..

(If you are going to disagree with my wee IAM bit, unless you can prefix your comment with “I truly believe that Glider is of totally sound mind” then don’t bother please. If you do say that, I may well use that information at some point in the future for the purposes of ridicule).
(If you are going to agree, you must prefix any comment with “Glider is a LOON”).
(Thank you)

So…. do I install another PHP hack here, or do I not.

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