So, my hair needs redoing soon, but I want the colour to stay better, and for longer. Though just better would be good.
As it is, The vibrancy and colour depth drops, and it fades to a purple-ish shade which isn’t as nice.
It’s washed everyday (regular normal shampoo type stuff – Asda’s own), not conditioned, but if it was it would be whatever the girls use.

So …. advice anyone ?

3 thoughts on “Hair

  1. Bleaching your hair first will make the colour more vibrant to begin with, but can make it look a bit grey and manky as the colour fades ou. Regular conditioning can make the colour “stay” better and longer, but ultimately the best thing is to re-do it every three or four weeks to keep it looking nice and fresh.

    You can trust me – I’ve dyed my hair so much I don’t even know what colour it’s supposed to be!:smile:

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