Been playing with the settings here ….

The ‘bluewhite’ style looks acceptable enough now. I know this header is odd, and it will return to something approaching what it was very soon. Using boxes, images and text positioning in CSS is pretty damn tricky I can tell you.
When you enter the page, if you have no cookie set, you see the page which currently has the black top. When you change styles, a cookie is set so that on return, you see the same style. The cookie is called “~podz@T2[1].txt” with the name before the @ probably being your computer username, and the highest of the numbers in brackets determines which style you see on return. Change 10 times, and it’ll be [10] – see what I mean ? The content of that cookie I just mentioned is this ;
I’ve not the slightest clue what those numbers after the T2 address mean either.
I’m only mentioning this because I know some people get all worried and sweat a lot if cookies are mentioned …. why I don’t know.

Right… got to meet someone, and then get myself invited into Orkut 🙂

Yes I do know (/me slaps head). It’ll all be about when it was set, it’s expiry date, last date modified and stuff like that. There – I *am* clevur.