ZENIT News Agency–The World Seen from Rome

“The evidence leans heavily on the fact that same-sex attractions are due largely to environmental causes. There’s no evidence of inborn homosexuality — it doesn’t exist.”
So says Father John Harvey in the article below.
It’s the fault of parents that homosexuals exist, and “If the parents know that their child has experimented with homosexual acts, the child must be commanded to seek therapy from reliable Catholic doctors.”

Crap. Utter crap. But what’s scary is that some people believe this shit.

ZENIT News Agency–The World Seen from Rome

If this idiot says there is no evidence, and bear in mind that anyone from that church wants evidence that isn’t just concrete, it’s got to be totally indestructible, accepted by every single member of their church, meet their standards (which they reserve the right to change as and when anything should actually come close), then why can he not provide the evidence for his god ever existing, or even existing now ? And if he can, then why does not the richest church in the world decry all the other obviously false religions in order that their word, their correct and provable word, can be indoctrinated into even more people who will pour ever more money into that patch of land known as Vatican City ?
Talk about double bloody standards ……

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