Link Time !

This game is superb. Hell, I even played it again !

Furl – Your Online Filing Cabinet for Useful Web Pages

How long can you last ?

Good grief .. it’s more LOTR

Some very odd Lollipops

Bad Ads – some of these are quite good.

“Question: Hey Nonexpert, my girlfriend drags me to IKEA almost every weekend and it’s driving me crazy. What should I tell her? –Brent Flagg”
“Answer: There is no known treatment for IKEA addiction. The best you can do is learn to survive.”


All the programs I had installed are now gone, along with all the evidence (all free programs, it’s just those bits of junk they leave in the registry and wherever you also need to get rid of), and I’ve got my nice black / grey theme back. No more screenshots for a while I hope ….

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