£11,000 Soham pay-outs condemned

Why ?
Would giving those parents £1 million make it all better ? Would it take away pain ? Would it make their future any less painful for it being without their daughters ? No, it would not.

There seems to be some sort of mentality around that says ‘Give ’em enough money and it’ll all be fine’, and this applies to this case just as much as it does to anyone receiving money after some sort of trauma. But it’s not fine. Give ME a million quid and see if it makes MY life better .. I can tell you now that although material things may change, my LIFE would not. My problems would not magically disappear.

Yes, I feel very sorry for those parents, and they must be deeply affected almost every day by their loss, but honestly, does giving them piles of money make it better for them, or does it make society feel better for doing it ?
I’m not saying that some form of compensation is not in order (after all, that framework exists already), but to start quibbling over the amount ?
Could the parents not actually resent that money and anything it brings ?
Could they not end up looking around at all they have and hating it because it was the death of their daughters that brought it to them ? (Ever read ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ ?).

How can you put a value on a child’s life ?
With adults, arguably it’s easier – they had an income, they may have had family to support, and that family need the money so that their loss is not compounded further by a material decline in their living standards. But a child ?
Children who are injured at birth get money based upon not only their injuries, but also on loss of potential career and opportunities. But those children are living, and it’s usually the case that such compensation is linked to their actually staying alive – the money will not form part of their estate.
But how do you compensate for the loss of a child ?

(This is off-beam, but you did know that if you are white, female, a teenager and middle class, your family stands an excellent chance of getting mass publicity if you disappear, but if you are male, those chances reduce, and if you are not white, they are practically non-existent. Check the papers more closely – it’s true)

I don’t know what I’d give that family, I really don’t, but my first guess would be to keep the glare of publicity as far away as possible, and talk to them. In that report, it’s not the parents complaining – it’s other groups probably with their own political agenda.

Money does not solve everything, even having lots of it.