I was going to write a big long thing about hexadecimal, and the fact that there are 16581375 colours available using all the RGB values, and why html should move on from just 255, but I won’t. Unless you really really want me to.

It stopped snowing, and now it’s coming down lovely and thick.

I have felt ill all day, but I know why. It’s a bugger.

Hutton Report. Watched it live ……… Michael Howard is a complete shit for not apologising. I’m the first to diss politicians, but in this case an open, personal apology was most definitely in order. Ramifications of this report will be felt for a good long while too.

Found the times / scores for Platinum on SSX3. It’s 2:45 for Happiness – so it says – but I then got that time, and it still gave me another gold. Hmmmm……..

I’m still ill.